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Skilling with Cooking (Horde)

This guide is intended for Horde players only. There is a similar guide for Alliance players as well.


This method will skilll cooking and fishing together at the same time. There are many different was to do this; this is only one way to do it. This guide is designed to keep travel-time at a minimum and to not waste time, by not relying on rare recipes, or recipes obtained from quests and avoids using fishes that can only be caught at specific times of the day. It does not require any faction reputation.

Most of the dishes you create can't be sold at the auction house. Both fishing and cooking skills level up in a partialy random way, so there's not an exact amount of fishes required to skill both cooking and fishing for each stage. You may experience that fishing will skill slower than cooking.

Using this method assumes that you are max-level on the character you are skilling.

Getting started

Get yourself a good Fishing Pole, and a fishing lure, the highest you can use. Once you've got this, head over to Mulgore.

Mulgore (Apprentice)

  1. Travel to Bloodhoof Village in Mulgore.
  2. Train Apprentice Cooking from Pyall Silentstride the cook in the large trainers' tent.
  3. From Harn Longcast, a Fishing Supplier, on the northern side of Bloodhoof Village, buy Recipe: Brilliant Smallfish and Recipe: Longjaw Mud Snapper. Learn the first recipe. Shiny Baubles and Fishing Poles are also for sale here.
  4. Train Apprentice Fishing from Uthan Stillwater by Stonebull Lake, on the west side of the village.
  5. Fish from Stonebull Lake until your fishing skill reaches 75. You should catch about 45 Raw Brilliant Smallfish and 30 Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper. Almost every catch will gain a point of fishing skill. Do not start cooking yet!
  6. Train Journeyman Fishing from Uthan Stillwater.
  7. At the very end of this guide, you will need +100 lures to fish effectively. Look out for Aquadynamic Fish Attractor when talking to fishing suppliers: They often sell a couple each, but never sell whole stacks. Alternatively, watch for +100 Sharpened Fish Hooks at the auction house.

Thunder Bluff (Journeyman)

  1. Ride north to Thunder Bluff
  2. Fish in the pond near Thunder Bluff's auction house and bank, until your skill reaches 130. Alternatively, fish in the Spirit Rise. You should catch about 15 Raw Brilliant Smallfish, 65 Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, and 30 Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish.
  3. Run up to the highest of the 3 tiers in the central part of Thunder Bluff. Close to the exit from the flightmasters' tower, you will find the Mistrunners. From Naal Mistrunner,a Cooking Supplier, buy Recipe: Bristle Whisker Catfish (you cannot learn it yet).
  4. Cook all your Raw Brilliant Smallfish. This should take your cooking skill to about 55. If you do not reach 50, fish in the pond a little longer.
  5. Train Journeyman Cooking from Aska Mistrunner, a Cooking Trainer.
  6. Learn the Longjaw Mud Snapper recipe, and cook all you have. Your cooking skill will rise to about 115. Learn the Bristle Whisker Catfish recipe, and cook all you have. Your cooking should be between 125 and 150. If you do not reach 100 cooking with Longjaw Mud Snapper, skip this step for now. You will catch more Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper later.

Stranglethorn Vale (Expert)

  1. Fly to Ratchet in The Barrens. Then take a boat to Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale
  2. Old Man Heming, a Fishing Supplieer, is found in "The Happy Bobber", a shop in the center of Booty Bay, almost at water-level. Buy Expert Fishing - The Bass and You. If your fishing skill is above 125, read the book, otherwise wait till later.
  3. Find Kelsey Yance, a Cook, in The Old Port Authority building, on the northern side of Booty Bay. Buy Recipe: Mithril Head Trout and Recipe: Filet of Redgill. You will not be able to learn either yet. Many of Kelsey's other recipes will be useful if you plan a career as an angler, but are not essential for leveling.
  4. No fishing here! Take the boat back to Ratchet in The Barrens.

Stonetalon Mountains

  1. Set your hearthstone in Ratchet. Fly from Ratchet to Sun Rock Retreat in Stonetalon Mountains.
  2. Fish in the open water in Sun Rock Retreat until your fishing skill reaches 205. You will catch about 95 Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper, and 145 Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish.


  1. Fly to Shadowprey Village in Desolace.
  2. Buy Expert Cookbook from Wulan, a Cooking Supplier. Wulan is at the top of the tall building on the north-east side of the village. If your cooking skill is high enough, read the book now. If not, learn Expert Cooking later.
  3. Only cook the Longjaw Mud Snapper if your cooking skill is still below 100.
  4. Cook all the Bristle Whisker Catfish you have. Your cooking skill will hopefully rise close to 175. Skill-ups will come very slowly close to 175. Don't worry if you don't quite make it - there are plenty of Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish in the next zone on the tour.
  5. Buy 20 Alterac Swiss from Innkeeper Sikewa. This is required for the upcoming Artisan cooking quest.
  6. From Mai'Lahii, a Fishing Supplier on the pier, buy at least 10 Shiny Baubles (you will need them later in Feralas).
  7. Use your hearthstone to return to Ratchet.

Dustwallow Marsh (Artisan)

  1. Fly to Mudsprocket in Dustwallow Marsh. You may need to fly to Brackenwall Village and ride south. Set your hearthstone in Mudsprocket.
  2. Find fishable inland open water to the north or east of Mudsprocket. Fish here until your skill reaches 225.
  3. Swim to Nat Pagle, and complete the Artisan Fishing Quest. This requires 4 quest-only fish to be caught from different locations.
  4. While completing the Artisan Fishing Quest, gather 10 Zesty Clam Meat for the upcoming Artisan Cooking quest. Zesty Clam Meat is always found within a Big-mouth Clam. These can be caught, but killing monsters is far quicker. One option is to kill Young Murk Thresher, Murk Threshers or Elder Murk Threshers found in the sea around the coast of Dustwallow Marsh. However, these creatures can be rather hard to find. Naga Explorer found on the coast north-west of Booty Bay in Stranglethorn Vale can be killed while completing the Artisan Fishing Quest. These are less likely to carry Big-mouth Clam, but are a lot easier to find. Alternatively, wait until Tanaris, then kill Steeljaw Snappers near Steamwheedle Port.
  5. Return to near Mudsprocket, and keep fishing inland open water until your skill reaches 255. Overall, you will gain about 90 Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish and 140 Raw Mithril Head Trout while fishing in Dustwallow Marsh.
  6. Cook Bristle Whisker Catfish until cooking skill 175, then learn the recipe and cook Mithril Head Trout until cooking skill 225. Stop cooking at 225 and keep any remaining Raw Mithril Head Trout.


  1. Fly to Gadgetzan in Tanaris.
  2. Accept the quest "Clamlette Surprise" from Dirge Quikcleave in the inn. You still need 12 Giant Eggs, which you can gain from killing Roc, Fire Roc or Searing Roc in the deserts of Tanaris. Look along the line of huge bones that runs south-west from Gadgetzan. If Rocs are hard to find, consider traveling north to Felwood and killing Ironbeaks. Owlbeasts in Winterspring are an option. None of the drops required are quest items, so you might find them at the auction house. Return to Dirge Quikcleave to learn Artisan Cooking.
  3. Cook the remaining Mithril Head Trout until the recipe turns grey.
  4. Travel east from Gadgetzan to Steamwheedle Port. From Gikkix, purchase Recipe: Poached Sunscale Salmon and Recipe: Nightfin Soup. You may not be able to learn them yet, but you can learn the Recipe: Filet of Redgill you've been carrying since Booty Bay. Gikkix's other recipes may be useful, but are not required for this guide.
  5. Return to Gadgetzan.


  1. Fly to Camp Mojache in Feralas.
  2. From Sheendra Tallgrass, a Trade Supplier, buy Recipe: Lobster Stew and Recipe: Mightfish Steak. You will not be able to learn these recipes yet!
  3. Drop down into the lake on the southern side of Camp Mojache. Fish until your skill reaches 300. Use +25 Shiny Baubles until fishing skill 275, to stop fish getting away. You will catch a small number of Raw Mithril Head Trout, about 100 Raw Redgill, plus around 90 Raw Nightfin Snapper and Raw Sunscale Salmon combined: The balance between these fish varies by time of day. You will catch some other fish too, which are not required for leveling.
  4. Cook the Redgill, taking your cooking skill to about 260. Finally learn their recipes and cook Nightfin Snapper and Sunscale Salmon, raising cooking skill to about 280. Your cooking skill must reach 275.


  1. Obtain a stack of Bright Baubles, then make your way to Azshara.
  2. Ride and swim to the Bay of Storms area (center of the bay in Azshara). Location is very important. You need to be fishing costal open water that is called "Bay of Storms", "Hetaera's Clutch" or "Scalebeard's Cave". The bobber needs to land in that water with one of those names. Fish this open water until your fishing skill reaches 300. Among other fish, you will catch about Darkclaw Lobster and some Large Raw Mightfish.
  3. Cook these with the recipes you bought earlier until you reach 300 skill in cooking.