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Fast Skilling

This guide should power-level your fishing skill from 1 to 300 in about 8 hours.

The method minimises time and gold spent travelling and luring. You will not catch anything of value. If you do not already know how to cook, consider training fishing and cooking together (see separate guides).


  • Purchase a Fishing Pole and one Shiny Baubles from any fishing supplier.
  • Purchase the book "Expert Fishing - The Bass and You" from Old Man Heming in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale. Alternatively, this can be bought at the auction house.
  • Train Apprentice Fishing from any fishing trainer.

Getting started

Travel to any starting area. Ideally, you would chose one close to Dustwallow Marsh - for example Durotar or Mulgore for Horde. Alliance have no nearby starting zones, but you can start in Dun Morogh and take the boat from Menethil Harbor, Wetlands. Starting areas does not include capital cities.

Once you're there, apply your Shiny Bauble lure and fish until you reach 75 skills. Once you reach 75 skills, travel to the nearest major city - for example Orgrimmar (Horde) or Ironforge (Alliance). Train Journeyman Fishing from a fishing trainer in the city.

Start fishing inside your capital city. If you're in Orgrimmar, there are several places that you can fish from. In Ironforge you'll be able to fish in the Forlorn Cave. Keep fishing in the major city until you reach 150 skill. Then use the book Expert Fishing - The Bass and You to expand you fishing-skill. Keep fishing until 225.

Advancing to Artisan Fishing

Once you get to 225, travel to Dustwallow Marsh and find Nat pagle, and take the quest to learn Artisan fishing, Nat Pagle, Angler Extreme. The quest requires you to catch 4 quest-only fish.

Once your quest is complete, fish in Dustwallow Marsh until you reach 300 . If you fish near a vendor, you can sell your fish and clear up some inventory space while you are doing this.