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Why should I bother with fishing?

Fishing is not an essential professional skill. Many citizens of Azeroth lead happy and for filled lives without ever catching a fish. But there are plenty of good reasons to fish.

  • It is classed as a secondary profession. This means learning to fish does not limit what other professions you may learn.
  • It can be relaxing. It gives space to think or socialise between adventures or battles.
  • It is a good source of food, including food that gives "buffs" ((bonuses to attributes)).
  • It can provide a modest gold income for little risk.

It complements other professions,

  • Cooking - most fish can be cooked.
  • Alchemy - some reagents can only be gained by fishing.
  • Tailoring - bolts of cloth can sometimes be recovered while fishing.
  • Leatherworking - leather can sometimes be recovered while fishing.

It complements certain career classes:

  • Hunters - fish are a plentiful source of pet food.
  • Rogues - an occasional source of locked boxes to practice lock-picking skills on.
  • It opens up some extra quests, and allows a few dungeon creatures to be summoned.

In spite of these benefits, the main requirement for enjoying fishing is patience. Some people have patience, and some do not...