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Getting Started

"If you ask me, the best part about fishing is its slow pace. It gives one time to think, to reflect on past events and to plan for future ones. Oh, and it's also a great excuse to drink. Heavily."
Nat Pagle

To get started with fishing, you'll need to train the skill and obtain a fishing-pole.

  • You will need to be level 5 to train Fishing
  • You will need 123 to purchase the skill and your first fishing-pole

Getting the skill and items

A basic Fishing Pole can be purchased from any Fishing Supplies vendor, or from most Trade Supplies vendors. The first fishingpole costs 23 copper (before reputation bonus). There are many more poles available, which can improve your fishing (you can see a list of fishing-poles in the Equipment: Fishing Pole page). You may also want to attach a fishing-lure to your fishing pole - this can improve your fishing skill.

There is a fishing-trainer in each major city, and some trainers around the world. Find one (ask a guard in a major city if you cannot find it), and learn Apprentice Fishing. This costs 1 (before reputation bonus).

Now you are ready to start your fishing-career!

Your first fish

After obtaining the skill and a fishing pole, you're ready to catch your first fish. Find some open water, equip your fishing pole and use the "Fishing" spell in your spellbook (under General). You can put this on your actionbar to easier use it. You need to click this spell each time you want to throw out your lure. Once its cast, you will start to channel the Fishing skill. You cannot be swimming while fishing.

Once the bubber splashes in the water, you caught something! Right-click the bubber, and reel in your catch!

If there was nothing on your hook, you clicked the bubber and reeled in too soon or too slow. You can also get a "Your fish got away" message, which means you were either unlucky, or you are fishing in an area that is too difficult to you. If you get this message often, try fishing in an easier area.

You can gain fishing-skills by successfully catching fish. It doesn't matter where you fish, or what type of fish you catch - a successfull catch is all that's needed!